Mediathread is an innovative new platform that supports multimedia analysis within a communal environment.

Instructors using Mediathread designate online collections of source materials for a given course and post assignments. Their students are able to lift video, audio, and image items from these collections, annotate them, and embed them into compositions within a course-specific website.

In Mediathread, items are clipped, annotated, organized, shared, and embedded into essays and other written analysis.

Collections compatible with Mediathread include videos, audio files, and/or images assembled for courses, in mulitmedia databases licensed by academic libraries, and in public collections such as YouTube, Flickr, OpenVault, and Wikimedia Commons.

At select universities, instructors and students are also able to upload individual files directly into Mediathread for analysis.

Since its debut in Fall 2010, Mediathread has helped users to closely study multimedia objects from across the web. Originally developed by the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, it has been used in over 250 courses at Columbia in a wide range of subject domains, including Art History, Film Studies, Social Work, Education, Journalism, Music, and Religious Studies. The platform interoperates with a growing variety of websites, such as YouTube, Flickr, ARTstor, OpenVault, the Internet Archive, Vimeo, Wikimedia Commons, Pinterest, and Kaltura collections. Because of this interoperation and its open source code, Mediathread is now also being adopted at other higher education institutions, including MIT, Dartmouth, Wellesley, and the University of Maine.